Asana’s Rise to a $900 Million Valuation

Every time you walked through the office, you would see people interacting with this system on three out of four monitors;

I created a Japanese translation of an article on

Date:March 5, 2018
Note:I was impressed that the writer found and read a lot of articles including unlisted blog posts and compiled this masterpiece — history of Asana. Many thanks to the writer Hiten Shah for kindly allowing me to translate this informative article.
Adding to the article is that Asana recently joined the unicorn party with $1.5B valuation. They really keep improving the product every day, they just implemented a new feature to mark a task subtask of other task, which I was personally so wanting for a long time that I actually built it myself. I think Asana already supports time-tracking with Harvest integration and running meetings is one of Asana’s strengths.