Workflow and Licensing


If I’m allowed to translate your article, I’ll host the translation on and clearly display the copyright notice and the link to the original source.

YouTube/Vimeo Videos

If I’m allowed to add subtitles, the process will be the following.

  1. I create subtitles
  2. You can check the subtitles and sign them off
  3. I’ll give you the .srt files, which you can upload in your YouTube/Vimeo channel
  4. I’ll embed your video on with the subtitles. Technically speaking, I simply embed the official YouTube/Vimeo video, and I display the subtitles in an upper layer using JavaScript to comply with YouTube/Vimeo terms

The process of creating the subtitles are either of the following:

A) By default, I’ll create subtitles on Amara. It is a public community-based subtitling platform, so anyone can see and contribute to the subtitles. Like, Amara embeds the video and displays the subtitles in a way that doesn’t change the embedded video itself. You can see the list of my videos here.

B) Alternatively, if you don’t want to have the subtitles public on Amara, I can also work on it locally with an offline tool (SubtitleEdit). In that case, I’d appreciate it if you can provide me with the source movie file.


  • Improved accessibility for broader people
  • Broader reach and business development in the Japanese market
  • Improved value of the article/video assets


I’d like to create Japanese translation and or subtitle of the article/video you own, free of charge. I need your approval to legally translate/transcribe your contents.

You continue to have the copyright of your contents, and you can use my translation/subtitle freely.

I only need a non-exclusive right to do so. No problem if you allow other people to create subtitles/translations of your content too.

I’m doing this activity as a hobby and I don’t monetize it (except for a few referral activity), so I’d appreciate if I can do it for free. If the licensing costs money, I cannot afford it now, but I’d like to know it as the reference for future.