Paul Minors’ interview: How to improve team productivity by 20% with Asana

I did a document called “Using Asana the Electron Shop Way” and that covers all the idiosyncrasiesof how we use it.

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Date:November 7, 2016
Note:Paul Minors have provided Asana consultation and trainings for a long time, even before the Asana Together program (Ambassadors and Certified Pros) was implemented.
This interview video is not Asana’s official video, but it was full of best practices so I wanted to introduce it to the Japanese readers. Thank you Paul for accepting the creation of subtitles.
I’ve stopped working on this website for two years but I got the chance to complete this subtitle task as part of the Asana Together Japan Advent Calendar 2021 series. The interview was conducted long before Asana implemented its own messaging feature, so some content might be outdated, but still this interview gives unchanging best practices and ideas about introducing Asana to teams.
If you are interested in utilizing Asana, you can join Asana trainings or contact Certified Pros like Paul, or get support from Asana’s customer success team if you subscribe to a qualified plan.