Asana Names and Pronunciations

The name of the yoga move from which the company takes its name is /ˈɑːsənə/ (ahh suh nuh) with a stress on the first syllable. However, the name of the app has been “Americanified” to /əˈsɑnə/ (uh sah nuh).

How do you pronounce Asana?

I created a Japanese translation of a post on Quora, and wrote some more.

Asana (a-SAH-na)

As you might already know, Asana really is a company with mindfulness and yoga. So its name has something to do with asana, which means the postures in yoga.
I found an interesting question and answers on Quora about the pronunciation and translated some of them into Japanese.

So, Asana as a company and service is pronounced as
“uh sah nuh ” or “uh-san-uh” and the yogic postures as
“ahh suh nuh” or “oss-uh-nuh”.

Date:Nov 3, 2011 to Jan 10, 2017

Justin Rosenstein

From experience in learning German, at first I thought we’d pronounce his family name as /rˈoʊzɛnʃtaɪn/, just as in “Einstein”. I actually found some program hosts at Justin’s talks saying so.

However, I found a video where Justin is pronouncing his name himself. It’s now clear that his family name is pronounced as /rˈoʊzɛnstiːn/.

Date:Aug 18, 2014
Note:I’ll create subtitles for this video in the near future

Dustin Moskovitz

Although I couldn’t find any video where Dustin pronounces his name, I found the pronunciation on Wikipedia: /ˈmɒskəvɪts/. It’s quite a complicated set of sounds for a Japanese speaker.

Dustin Moskovitz Headshot.jpg
By Dustin MoskovitzOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link