The Future of Work is Not Email

Let’s say I want to know how Julia and Josh decided to choose our machine vendor six months ago. No need to bug them because everything in the work graph is public by default so I can just search for that particular task find the conversation look inside and see exactly how they made the decision.

When you use Aana, you’ll be amazed how a tool can be this easy and good to use. By watching this video, you’ll know that Asana is creating a new work tool in place of “paper in the previous era”, and that’s why Asana is so useful. If they were just trying to create a productivity/efficiency tool, Asana wouldn’t have been born.

The concept of work graph explains a lot about Asana. The node in the work graph, a task, cannot be represented in a simple list nor it’s not nested under only one parent node. In Asana, task nodes are linked with many different tasks. That’s one of the reason I think Asana is the best tool to “visualize” work.

I’m always excited to watch Justin’s talks about future. I’d recommend everyone to watch this video.

Date: November 5, 2014
Note: This is one of my favorite talks by Justin. I can’t count how many times I watched it. I took my domain from this “work graph”. It describes the intention behind Asana really well. In the recent Future of Asana video, this concept is more deeply explained, combined with Pyramid of Clarity and Goals.