Asana’s Rise to a $1.5 Billion Valuation

Every time you walked through the office, you would see people interacting with this system on three out of four monitors;

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Date:March 5, 2018
Note:This is, to my knowledge, world’s most detailed and well-researched history of Asana. I was impressed that the writer found and read a lot of articles including unlisted blog posts to compile this masterpiece — a complete history of Asana. Many thanks to the writer Hiten Shah for kindly allowing me to translate this informative article.
This article was originally written after Asana’s D with the evaluation of $900 million. Asana later joined the unicorn party with $1.5B valuation and the article title was updated accordingly. Asana really keeps improving the product every day. I also think that Asana already supports many features suggested in this article. For example, running meetings is one of Asana’s strengths.